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Simplifying the complexity of process automation.

Model your process with the Miranum IDE

Miranum IDE is a collection of Visual Studio Code Plugins that allows you to edit, manage and access all artifacts for your process application in one place.


Miranum Modeler is one of the core components of our VS Code Plugins. It allows you to model BPMN 2.0 diagrams that can be used within Camunda. Besides, it supports the creation of DMN 1.3 diagrams.

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Create engine-neutral worker definitions

A job worker is a service capable of performing a particular task in a process, typically being written in Java. With Miranum-Connect developers are empowered to build reusable and technology neutral connectors and integrations.

@Worker(type = "sendMessage")
public Answer sendMessage(SendMessageCommand sendMessageCommand) {
// ...
return answer;

This is a technology neutral worker implementation for a job of type send-message. Due to the miranum-connect abstraction layer it works with various process engines such as Camunda Platform 7, 8 as well as Flowable.

Build your own worker

Create custom forms

Forms are digital interfaces used to collect and organize information from users in processes. They play a vital role in automating workflows and ensuring compliance. Forms streamline processes, reduce errors, and enhance efficiency, making them essential for effective business operations.


Miranum JSON Forms is another key-component of our VS Code Plugins. It allows you to create and edit complex forms using JSONForms, which is based on JSON Schema, a specification for annotating and validating JSON documents.

Design your first form

Correlate a message

Message correlation is a crucial aspect of processes, as it involves associating incoming messages with a process instance. It ensures that responses are properly linked to the corresponding requests, enabling seamless communication and coordination among participants and systems.

class Service {
private final MessageApi messageApi;

public void correlateMessage(CorrelateMessageCommand correlateMessageCommand) {

By using miranum-connect’s message-api you can correlate messages in multiple process-engines such as Camunda 7, 8 and Flowable.

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Your benefits


Integrated Development Environment for Processes

One IDE for everything! With our Visual Studio Code plugins you no longer need to access an external modeler. Edit, manage and access all artifacts for your process application in one place.

Avoiding Infrastructure Coupling

Miranum-Connect enables you to create reusable integrations without getting locked into any vendor environments. We want to rely on pro-code instead of low-code, enabling you to build a sustainable and clean architecture.


Ready for the Future

By being technology neutral you are set up for success when migrating to a newer version of your infrastructure components. E.g. whether you use Camunda Platform 7 or 8 does not make any difference!


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