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About Miranum-Connect


Miranum-Connect is currently in early stage of development. Alpha version 0.2.0 is the most up to date one. When using the framework by cloning the repository it can happen that the API changes in future versions

Miranum-Connect is a framework which enables developers to build reusable and technology neutral connectors and integrations between products. For that purpose a hexagonal architecture with a strong domain focus is used. This open source project is accessible form our public repository.

Pain PointsMiranum Connect
You need to touch your code to upgrade to newer versions of third party systemsYour domain logic is independent from any third party systems which calls or is called by your component
It is hard to change the vendor once you have integrated to their systemsBy being decoupled you do not have any dependencies to other systems. You can easily use another adapter which is provided by the framework or build one yourselves.


The picture below illustrates what Miranum-Connect is and how it actually works. Let's set the scene first of all. A common use case in a business process is to send an email. Therefore, a developer usually needs to write some piece of integration to an email server or a no-code tool can be used in order to do so automatically. Nevertheless, a quickly implemented interface or no/low-code solution can quickly create dependencies to the technical environment. Suddenly, you find yourself tight into a vendors environment or with non-reusable probably redundant connectors. Miranum-Connect eliminates exactly this problem!

To do so it uses a hexagonal architecture. At its core we find domain entities and use-cases which represent our business. Outside, we find various adapters which are inwards and outwards facing. Given the rule of clean architecture, all dependencies are pointing towards the center. Hence, our domain services and use-cases are independent of any other systems (e.g. Camunda Platform 7 or our specific Imap Server). This allows us to model our domain code as freely as even possible.

With Miranum-Connect you will be able to get some out of the box adapters to easily build such reusable connectors by yourselves.

Miranum-Connect example: Sending Mail