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About to Miranum-IDE


To get started right away follow the getting-started guide.

Miranum-IDE is an Integrated Development Environment targeted for designing and developing process automation projects. It is build and released as three separate Visual Studio Code plugins.

Example of the Miranum IDE

The picture above shows how Miranum IDE looks like. On the left side you are able to see the form editor whose output is rendered next to it. On the right side you are able to see the Modeler plugin which allows users to design BPMN processes and enrich them with technical attributes.

Pain PointsMiranum IDE
Separate tooling for developers to model and enrich processes with technical attributesDevelopers can stick to VS Code in order to collaborate with Business Analysts on automation projects
Collaboration between IT and Business is a struggleCollaborate on all of the assets of a process application
Versioning of process artifacts is a tough and ressource intensive processDeploy and version artifacts with ease
Confusing management of Forms and DataUse the proven JSON Schema to create extensive forms and manage data assets in a used fashion

To create end-to-end process application a collaboration platform for various roles (technical and non-technical) is needed. Since processes need multiple artifacts like templates (forms, mails, PDF), workflow assets (BPMN, DMN) and configuration files (secrets, connectors) we see the growing need for a platform being capable of handling all of them. With Visual Studio Code developers are able to work in a familiar environment. Even non-technical personas are able to visit VS Code through the browser and do not need to fear any technical complexity. Through the Live Share plugin for VS Code a real-time collaboration on the mentioned artifacts is easily possible. Empowering Business and IT to work even closer together.

The picture below visualises the one collaboration platform we do establish with our VS Code plugins.

Miranum IDE overview

Besides of making collaboration and asset management easier, the deployment of a process application gets easier as well. Instead of needing to make sure that the right form version fits to the right process and vice versa you can handle this right in your git repository where the project lives in. It is comparable to a mono-repo for your process-application. This should help versioning your application and assets more easily.

Miranum IDE deployment bundle